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Focus on what you do best and let Tibnor do the rest

If you intend to further process your material, which production processes truly add value in your business that your customers are willing to pay for?

All production processes are important, but by no means all of them can be considered to be part of every company’s core process. Many production processes are carried out to prepare the material in various ways. These preparatory processes take time for your workforce. They will also often need areas in your workshop or on the construction site to perform them. Areas that you could use for something else. It is in this part of the process that we at Tibnor can offer our services.

Let us prepare the material so that your core manufacturing process can start straight away. At the same time, you remove the risk that something goes wrong and that the material you purchased is destroyed before your core production have even started. You only pay for the volume you need and you avoid waste. When your employees can focus on what they are best at, they create the most value for your customers.

We have the market’s very best, most well-developed network of warehouses and logistics in the Nordic region, and professional employees with high levels of competence who are driven by a desire to meet our customers’ needs. Our units have equipment that is specialized for different kinds of materials, which means that we can meet even complex needs. We have processing units in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Lithuania.

Processing services

  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Priming
  • Sawing
  • Slitting
  • Shoot Blasting

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